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Carbide Round Rods

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Carbide Round Rods

Save time and money with minimal grindstock and increased tool life.

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Top Quality Carbide Round Rods

Recognized world-wide for our quality carbide preforms for the cutting tool industry, H. B. Carbide has a wide variety of round rod preforms for your needs including:

Solid Round Rod (RR) »

  • 40 Standard Round Rod Sizes
  • Unground with Minimal Grind Stock
  • Available in Any Grades (generally stocked in grades HB-2, HB-3, and HB-110)
  • ‘Green' State Stock Means Custom Lengths - Eliminate Waste of Unusable Pieces

Tubing (Solid Round Rod One Hole) »

  • All Standard RR Tubing Sizes
  • Custom Diameters to Fit Your Needs
  • Hole Can be Custom Positioned
  • Made to Order (Not Usually In-Stock)

Ground Round Rod (GRR)

  • Available as Special Orders in Any Grade
  • Our standard finisH is considered satin/polished (6-8 micro)
  • OD tolerances maintained at -.0001”/-0.0004”
  • Tolerance is h6

2 Straight Coolant Hole Rod (RS) »

  • Available in All Standard RS Sizes of 2 Straight Hole Rod
  • Many Sizes In-Stock
  • "Hard" 12.2" Sticks In-Stock Immediate Shipment
  • ‘Green' State Stock Means Custom Lengths - Eliminate Waste of Unusable Pieces

Helical Hole Rod HB »

  • HB Carbide is now manufacturing our own Helical Hole /rod – HB-110, 2-hole, 30 degree helix only
  • Our focus is to provide “special” preforms in 6-9 days utilizing our inventory of “green” stock.
  • We will also continue to supply full length sintered rods (ground and unground) in a variety of different grades, coolant hole sizes, bolt circles, and helix - produced by Arno Friedrich’s – Germany.

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