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Carbide Gundrill Blanks

Quick Information:

Carbide Gundrill Blanks

Save time and money with minimal grindstock and increased tool life.

Standard grades for gundrills include:

  • HB-2
  • HB-3
  • HB-10
Increase Your Productivity with

Gundrill Blanks

H. B. Carbide offers a complete line of deep hole drills and gundrills. Gundrill blanks can be full-length sticks, cut to length heads, and can have preformed presharpening angles included. Round or other shaped coolant holes including single hole, double hole or kidney holes can be manufactured.

Standard gundrill extrusions up to 12.2” long are available in diameters ranging from 0.098” to 0.770” OD and are available with three different coolant hole geometries. Gundrill heads requiring diameters greater than 0.770” OD can be manufactured with one or two coolant holes.

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