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Carbide Drills & Reamers

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Drill & Reamer Blanks

Save time and money with minimal grindstock and increased tool life.

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Increase Your Productivity with

Top Quality Drill & Reamer Blanks

H. B. Carbide’s preforming experience allows for major portions of carbide to be removed when the carbide is in its ‘green’ state. In seconds, cooling holes, prefluting, and grinding of different diameters can be completed. This is a fraction of the time to the traditional process of grinding carbide in its ‘hard’ state. This process also means that we leave minimal grindstock behind for you to finish grind, saving you time and increasing machine capacity, tool life, and overall productivity.

We provide a variety of carbide drill and reamer blanks including:

  • Straight Flutes
  • Spiral Flutes
  • Coolant holes (in any location)
  • Stepped Diameters
  • Centers (male or female)
  • Flats
  • Chamfers
  • Keyways
  • PCD Pockets
  • Carbide threads
HB Carbide Threaded Preform Blanks

Carbide Threads

H.B. Carbide offers threaded preforms without additional lead times.

  • Eliminates cracking & other issues assosiated with traditional brazing operatings
  • Solution to problems related to coating of brazed construction tools

Carbide Thread Applications include:

  • Tool height adjustment capability
  • Both metric and inch thread sizes
  • Draw screw for tapered & straight shank tools

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