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Save Time, Cut Costs: Carbide Blanks & Preforms

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Carbide Blanks & Preforms

H. B. Carbide has become the industry leader in top quality tungsten carbide rod, blanks, and preforms. We use high quality materials and high-tech computer controlled vacuum furnaces to produce a variety of cemented carbide preforms for many specialized applications. Applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Paper
  • Firearms
  • Medical
  • Woodworking
  • Recycling
  • Injection Molding
  • Cold Heading
  • Mining

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Our preform expertise allows for major portions of carbide to be removed while still in the green state. Compared to the hard state, drilling of coolant holes, prefluting, and grinding different diameters happens in a fraction of the time. We leave a minimal amount of grind stock which saves you grinding wheel life, and increases machine capacity. All of these features save you money. Blanks include:

  • Flats
  • Chamfers
  • Keyways
  • PCD Pockets
  • Preformed sharpening angles
  • Straight Flutes
  • Spiral Flutes
  • Coolant holes (in any location)
  • Stepped Diameters
  • Centers (male or female)
Fluted Preform Blanks

Drill & Reamer Blanks »

Drill & reamer blanks include: straight & spiral flutes, coolant holes, stepped diameters, centers,flats, chamfers, keyways, PCD Pockets, and threads.

HB Carbide Specialty Carbide Blanks - Form Tools

Specialty Blanks »

H.B. Carbide’s specialty blanks can be manufactured for your specific requirements using any of the grades we offer. Our carbide blank specialists will assist you with everything from grade selection to preform design.

HB Carbide Die and Bushing Blanks

Carbide Die & Bushing Blanks »

Carbide die and bushing blanks save time, increase productivity, and are manufactured for a variety of applications including wire drawing dies, cold heading dies, stamping dies, wear parts, seal rings, and bushings.

Carbide Blanks - Special Extrusions

Standard/Special Extrusion Preforms »

Using high quality materials and state of the art technology allows us to produce standard and special extrusions. See details page for available preform features. 

HB Carbide Round Rod Carbide Blanks

Round Rod »

Recognized world-wide for our quality carbide preforms for the cutting tool industry, H. B. Carbide has a wide variety of round rod preforms for your needs.

Carbide Gundrill Blanks

Gundrill Blanks »

H. B. Carbide offers a complete line of deep hole drills and gundrills. Gundrill blanks can be full-length sticks, cut to length heads, and can have preformed presharpening angles included. Round or other shaped coolant holes including single hole, double hole or kidney holes can be manufactured.

Flat Carbide Blanks

Flat Blanks »

Preform flat blanks from H. B. Carbide use the same high-quality materials and state-of-the-art machining technology as the rest of our carbide blanks and preforms.

HB Carbide OD Grinding Blanks

O.D. Grinding »

We offer both centerless and between center OD grinding on all of our preformed blanks.

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