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H.B. Carbide is the leading source of carbide blanks & carbide preforms for manufacturing cutting tools. Our line includes:

The H.B. Advantage

What a Carbide Company Should Be

Recognized world-wide as a leading source of tungsten carbide blanks and preforms for cutting tools, we pride ourselves on consistently producing preforms with minimal grindstock to increase productivity and reduce cost.

  • HB-110 has been approved by Pratt and Whitney for manufacture of their standard and specialized tools.
  • HB-2 has been approved and deemed suitable as a substrate for diamond or diamond-like coatings available today.
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    Learn about our carbide grades by downloading the grades table & data sheets.

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    We have current stock of our most popular carbide blanks (grades HB-2, HB-3, and HB-110) for immediate shipment. Check our current stock lists for more information.


H.B. Carbide - TOGETHER


March 23, 2020 -- In adherence to the State of Michigan and Illinois executive orders - the temporary requirement to suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life – H.B. Carbide Company is taking the appropriate steps to protect our employees and suppress the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

H.B. Carbide is available to meet ESSENTIAL BUSINESS ACTIVITY, and a critical team has been assembled to process your requests. Please continue to utilize your standard channel of communication for all ESSENTIAL BUSINESS ACTIVITY support inquiries. We are in this #together.


HB Carbide Specialty Carbide Blanks - Form Tools

How using Near Net Shape Carbide Blanks can save you time!

One goal of the H.B. Advantage is to save our customers time when machining our blanks.  By providing ...