H.B. Carbide is the leading source of carbide preforms for manufacturing cutting tools. Our line includes:

The H.B. Advantage

What a Carbide Company Should Be

Recognized world-wide as a leading source of tungsten carbide blanks and preforms for cutting tools, we pride ourselves on consistently producing preforms with minimal grindstock to increase productivity and reduce cost.

  • HB-110 has been approved by Pratt and Whitney for manufacture of their standard and specialized tools.
  • HB-2 has been approved and deemed suitable as a substrate for diamond or diamond-like coatings available today.
  • Carbide Grades Chart »

    Learn about our carbide grades by downloading the grades table & data sheets.

  • Today's Carbide Stock Lists »

    We have current stock of our most popular carbide blanks (grades HB-2, HB-3, and HB-110) for immediate shipment. Check our current stock lists for more information.

All your carbide needs from one source

H.B. Carbide is dedicated to quality, committed to technology and focused on customer service. We respond to quotation requests within 4 working hours. Orders are typically shipped within 6-9 working days. Expedited delivery is also available. Please call for assistance with grade selection and preform design.

  • HB Carbide Raw Materials

    Finest Raw Materials

    H.B. Carbide products are produced using the highest quality materials and leading-edge engineering.

  • HB Carbide Mfg Technology

    Latest Manufacturing Technology

    A state of the art, computer controlled, Ultra Temp Vacuum Sinter Hip furnace produces ultimate quality.

  • HB Carbide Fast Reliable Delivery

    Fast & Reliable Delivery

    Short manufacturing lead times require reliable transportation to deliver blanks exactly when needed.