Increasing Productivity Through Carbide Blanks & Preforms

In 1983, Star Cutter company wanted to purchase the technology to manufacture tungsten carbide blanks and preforms for their own cutting tools. The company’s goal was to have more control over the quality of the carbide and ensure deliveries were met on-time and on-budget.

H. B. Tool Company, an existing technology center in Michigan, was outfitted with the technology and just 5 months later, the first carbide blanks were produced for cutting tools. In 1984, processes were fine-tuned into production operations. In 1987, material grading was added and by 1990 the company had begun selling to outside markets. By 1994, our products were getting so popular that an independent company was formed: H. B. Carbide Company. Today, we supply carbide blanks and preforms to markets around the world.

Customer Service Focus

Recognized world-wide for quality carbide cutting tool blanks & preforms for a variety of applications. Beyond an extensive product line, H. B. Carbide focuses on customer service as a top priority. Working with us, you can expect:

  • Quotes in 24 hours or less
  • Competitive lead times
  • Personalized attention to your orders
  • Efficient, courteous service personnel
  • High-performance tools with minimal grindstock
  • Technical help with grade and preform design
  • Blanket order options
  • Dedication to continual quality improvements
  • All orders Sinter Hipped